What others are saying...


What others are saying...

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"Lead Your Way Coaching has been a great asset for me. Working with Paula allowed me to dig deep into my personal and professional habits and to look for areas in need of improvement. This process, although uncomfortable at first, strengthened the relationship I have with myself and allowed me to create a strong accountability structure within my own life. Lead Your Way Coaching has reawakened a sense of empowerment within me and I can't thank Paula enough for her expertise."

- Jennifer Bews, Principal + Marketing Strategist, The Authentic Voice

"I started coaching sessions with Paula shortly after quitting my job to pursue my business full-time. I was excited, but nervous and uncertain about the future. Paula helped me put things in perspective in a way that allowed me to find my own path. She had practical tactics that helped me focus on getting results for my personal and professional life. The coaching sessions were valuable in understanding why certain ambitions were important to me. By doing so, we were able to identify actionable items that would move me forward in accomplishing my goals. By the end of every session, I gained more clarity of mind, focus on intentions, and confidence in pursuing my goals. Having Paula’s guidance during the start of my new adventure was such a blessing – I’m so happy I had the opportunity!"

- Mei Shan Wan, Principal, Social Media Marketing

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"Planning sessions with Lead Your Way Coaching has helped me stay accountable and consistent. Being a creative person, I sometimes struggle with a loss of vision. I can get caught up in setting goals and feel defeated when I don't complete them to the letter. In my initial sessions with Paula I felt that she took the time to change her coaching template to augment those chaotic parts of me. Instead of prioritizing tasks to make me more efficient, she reminded me why I even do the things I do. The changes I've made because of these sessions are invaluable to me and I am grateful for the opportunity."

- Richelle Dahl, Owner, Dahling Productions

"I was fortunate to work with Paula as my coach during a time when I was in a state of self-doubt and struggling to find balance between work and family. I found Paula’s coaching to be unique, she had a way to show empathy when it was needed but also had the skills to lead me through obstacles I would often want to run away from. With her coaching I feel stronger and more aware of where and what I want to be, do and have in my life."

- Angela Cullen, Owner, Anytime Fitness Kindersley

"When I first started my coaching with Paula, I really felt lost and couldn’t remember who I really was anymore.  I was tired of going through life with same old routine and wondering (knowing) that there had to be MORE to my life than the same old cycle that I was in.  Of course, I was many things – a wife, a mother, a sister, a friend – which make me happy - but deep down I did not know what brought my inner soul true joy.  Working with Paula has been a great process for me to start asking myself questions and thinking about the things I want to change and how I want to live my life.  She has taught me some tips and techniques to keep progressing on my own.  Paula is a genuine soul – inside and out!"

- Danita Olafson, One-on-One Client