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Living the life of your dreams isn't just for other people. It's for you.


Living the life of your dreams isn't just for other people. It's for you.

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Welcome! I'm so happy you're here.

My name is Paula Haubrich, and I am a Certified Professional Life Coach. 

I am here to help you live the life that was designed for you. A life where you are reaching your potential, and living and loving in a way that gives you true fulfillment.

You might feel lost in the fog, or exhausted by the endless running on the hamster wheel where you only have time to what needs to be done to check off the boxes, instead of being truly present and enjoying the everyday moments of your life. 

We were created as human beings--not human 'doings'--so it is expected for the constant busy-ness and striving to feel unnatural and hard. But what I know to be true is that you have been created and designed  for everyday greatness. You might already sense that spark in your heart, or you might just be starting to search for it.

Either way, you are in the right place.

I, too, have felt the nagging and longing for something more, and I lived in it for longer than I have lived out of it. I did what I thought I was supposed to do: went to University, went to church, volunteered my time, started my career, spent time with family and friends, treated people well, overcame big adversity and life challenges in the way of the sudden loss of a parent and single motherhood (at the same time), got a great job, lost 'the weight', and eventually started my own business.

I was sure that as I continued to check everything off the list and come out the other side of my struggles that I would find the meaning and purpose that I desired. My own self-worth was dependent upon everything I was doing or had in my life--but none of it was enough to give me the validation and peace I was looking for. 

It was a constant, external striving for something more. And it always got be back to the same place of "not enough".

I knew Something had to give.

Beginning my training as a coach was the first step to living the life designed for me because I felt called to help others find solutions instead of living in problems, negativity, judgment, and that overarching feeling that you aren't, or don't have, enough. Early on in my training I was still experiencing all of those things and more, and became aware that even though my intentions were good, this career path was just another attempt at trying to reach this destination of being good enough.

It wasn't until I started working with my own amazing coach that I realized that just like you, I had all the of the answers inside of me, and everything I needed to feel whole was already there. (Read More...)

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It's time to feel like you again

It's time to feel like you again

You are filled with all of the answers and a whole lot of gifts and talents to live out your greatness every single day.

The only thing stopping you from accessing and living in those gifts and talents are the limiting beliefs, self-judgment and self-doubt that takes you away from being the resourceful, vibrant, and fully loving being you were created to be. You know there is something more you can be experiencing, but you are so overwhelmed by all of the “roles” you play that you're stuck in reaction mode and feeling like you have to wait for someday in the future to feel at peace and content.

This is about so much more than balance. This is about connecting to the wholeness in you, and waking up each day knowing that you are the best version of yourself and living the life you are meant to be living. A life that is designed for everyday greatness.

I can help you to see the possibility and potential in your life, and to awaken, grow and know that you are more than the voice inside that doesn't serve you.

I support you to reconnect with yourself, your aspirations, the things that bring you joy and fill you up, and take out all of the thoughts, beliefs, blocks and habits that are getting in your way from being the real you.

Have you stopped visioning what is possible in your life?

Have you been reacting and responding to what life has been throwing at you for so long that you haven't stopped to think "What do I truly want and feel called to in my life?"

You don't need to tough it out and push through, or write yourself off because this part of life is just a "phase" you have to tolerate. Coaching can help create a shift in your heart and mind, and give you an energy, desire and drive that you never knew were there.  It's time to stop believing and living as if life is happening to you.

Life is happening for you. And you are designed for everyday greatness.


Book a Free 30-minute Discovery Call to Find out How Coaching Can Specifically Benefit You

*No purchase necessary. My sole aim is to serve you in any way that I can, so if 1:1 coaching with me isn't the right fit, you will leave our free call with clarity and motivation toward the next best steps for you.



"The magic of Paula's coaching is in her confident ability to guide you efficiently to an action plan.  I have moved forward on a very positive work transition that I would have ruminated on for many weeks before taking action without Paula's support.  This clarity and momentum has allowed me to avoid a lot of unnecessary stress.  What a gift!" - Dr. Darlene Ahenakew, ND

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Live your path to wholeness

Live your path to wholeness

How can we work together?

Find out more here about how coaching can benefit you, and book a Free Discovery Call with me.

"I started coaching sessions with Paula shortly after quitting my job to pursue my business full-time. I was excited, but nervous and uncertain about the future. Paula helped me put things in perspective in a way that allowed me to find my own path. She had practical tactics that helped me focus on getting results for my personal and professional life. The coaching sessions were valuable in understanding why certain ambitions were important to me. By doing so, we were able to identify actionable items that would move me forward in accomplishing my goals. By the end of every session, I gained more clarity of mind, focus on intentions, and confidence in pursuing my goals. Having Paula’s guidance during the start of my new adventure was such a blessing – I’m so happy I had the opportunity!" - Mei Shan Wan, Principal, Social Media Marketing