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Leader Profile: Richelle Dahl


My second Leader Profile is of Richelle Dahl of Dahling Productions.  Richelle is a dance teacher and operates a creative performing arts company that puts on musical, theatre, visual arts and dancing productions that allow so many in her community to showcase their talents and be part of her inspiring and uplifting messages.

“I believe that my life is shaped and moulded by my faith. A turning point occurred in my life when I met Jesus, and I began to understand that the talents and giftings I have came from Him and the purpose He gives me, and while I was in college I learned how I could use my passions and strengths to share a meaningful message with people. That allowed me to set out and try to reach my community through the performing arts. I want my work to inspire and encourage reflection in everyone who sees it. It’s my company’s vision to make the performing arts accessible to every type of person for the purpose of company members and audience to walk away better than they came. I wouldn't be able to do what I do without the support of others, so it is extremely important that I surround myself with like-minded people to sharpen me and help me stay consistent in my goals.

I believe that life is about knowing who you are and what you set your foundation on, and then creating and carrying out a vision for yourself from that point. Knowing those things keeps me grounded when life gets confusing or tough. Sometimes it’s hard to live a balanced life and keep myself in check with what’s really important, so I’m always reminding myself personally and in my company what my vision is because then when I measure success in both, I can check back with my goals and know that is what true success is. I feel the most happy, and fulfilled when I am practicing those things.

I think living life in a genuine and authentic way is really important, but you can’t do that if you don’t know who you are. You have to start at the foundation, and then grow and build from there. So asking yourself, “Who do I want to be? What’s important to me? What are my values, morals, and vision?”.  That gives you something to look back on and ask “are my actions matching up with who I say I am?", and pushes you forward into becoming who you want to be and how you want to choose to impact the world with your life.”

Do you know a Leader? Someone that is inspiring to you or others because they are living a life that they love? Please send your nominations or ideas of other Pavers that could be profiled to [email protected] The only criteria are that they are living a life they love :)