I just spent the royal wedding weekend standing up for my girlfriend at her wedding in Calgary, and was so grateful to be surrounded by love, TONS of laughter and spend time with friends that I don’t get to see very often.

I haven’t always made my friendships a priority. And if I’m being honest, it’s because I was always too busy "getting my shit together", thinking that I had some destination to reach, some place to get to, that would magically make me a successful person and THEN I could be a good friend, sister, volunteer, etc.

Now that I have reached a place where I am fully aware of this flawed thinking, I was able to set the intention to have a full day of connection with the beautiful bride and wonderful bridesmaids, and everyone else on this amazing day.

But of course, even though I set the intention, those old habits started to sneak in. Have you ever made a plan to be at your best, but then sabotage yourself in some way?

Now this wasn’t a big sabotage, but it was a big reality check and I shared more about it in my Facebook Live that you can watch here. As we were driving to get pictures taken in a park, that habit part of me thinking "oh! We’re driving! I can do other things, like check my email and see if there’s anything I need to respond to." And I did. I started to respond to a client. 

And as I am doing this, my friend Lisa, and fellow bridesmaid says to me-- "You’re responding to your emails right NOW?" 

Uhm. Yes. Yes I am. Why the hell am I doing this. 

So here’s my lesson and thought for you.

What are the things in your life that you allow yourself to constantly be on call for? 

Where can you set boundaries with your time, to get the most out of the things that are REALLY important? 

Those things like your relationships and connections with friends, family, and others.

As much as I KNEW the importance of being in the moment, there was some deeply ingrained habit in my that told me I should be "multi-tasking" and "get things done". With any task or action in your life, if you aren’t in it 100% with all of your attention, energy and heart, then you are really selling yourself short in that area of your life.

Maybe at work you pride yourself on being able to do a whole bunch of different things at once (I know I did). That resulted in CHAOS and a whole bunch of half completed or lacklustre projects. Maybe it’s getting supper ready, responding to emails and texts from work, and trying to pay attention to your kids (who just aren’t listening!).

There are so many ways we try to multi-task our lives. But it doesn’t serve us to be at our best. 

  • Set those mental boundaries with your time
  • Prioritize what’s MOST important
  • Set the intention to SINGLE task
  • Be present and connect with others

Put away the phone. Put down the dish towel. Turn off the TV. Step away from the computer screen. And just be there--focused on those most important things in your life.

If you don’t, those will be the only regrets you have later.