So our baby turned one last Thursday and woke up with the flu---all over our bed. YAY! Happy birthday baby. That was also the first day that my in-laws were here, and the combination of sick baby, company for 7 days, and well, life, makes things go by SUPER quick.

I had amazing client calls and received my Erickson Certified Professional Coach (ECPC) credential this week. I also had the opportunity to speak at our local high school on two separate occasions about mental health and self-love. Lots to celebrate!

But there are so many other little tasks to do, in addition to being available for company, kids activities, and prepping for birthday parties. It was a full week.

Do you ever feel like there's all those other little things to do that are going to move the needle, and make things go and flow so much better, but you never get them done? 

That's where I'm at. And I've decided it's outsourcing time. I'm starting to see an opportunity in my home and business where I can get some help.

Maybe you are feeling the stress and overwhelm of being all things to all people, while trying to work and keep your house in order (or at the very least, not in chaos).

If you are, it's time to let some things go. Have you ever taken time to identify what your important and urgent activities? And have you taken it a step further and asked the question, "Do I really need to be doing this?" about some of the things you stress over every day?

I wanted to share a list of things you could think about when it comes to these "not urgent, not important" activities that may serve you in freeing yourself from some of that overwhelm. 

Here goes.

- Meal Prep Service (HelloFresh, ChefsPlate, Hire someone?)
- House Cleaners (If you have two full-time working adults in your home + kids + hobbies, this is a no brainer)
- Weekly Meal Prep Day (Many do this on Sunday)
- 7 Minute Workout App (seriously---just 7 minutes!)
- Bulletproof Coffee in the AM (It's delicious, nutritious and a time saver)
- Regularly scheduled babysitter (not daycare. This is for date night, extra you time, girls night, hobbies, etc.)
- FlyLady Cleaning App (helps you schedule and stay on top of cleaning!)
- Hire someone to do your laundry (no really---do it!)
- School Pick-up/Drop-off Carpools (find some friends and each take a week or day of the week.)

Am I missing something? I'm probably missing lots. Send me an email with what I missed or to share what you do that works for you and your family.

I love this idea of subtracting things from our life. We consume and do too much already that isn't serving the purpose of feeling happy, content, and fulfilled. Let's get some help and take some of the obligations and expectations off the table so we can replace it with doing the things we love, time for ourselves, and time with the people we love.

And maybe sometimes just some peace and quiet.