It's been a busy March, and I cannot believe it's near its end. Welcome to spring--but not so much around here as we still have loads of snow. But the other reason I cannot believe it's near its end is because it has went by way too quickly.

That quickness is my cue that I'm not as aligned as I would like to be. When moments start to breeze by and move so quickly, that is a sign that I am focused too much on the external, and not as much in the internal and trust that will keep me present and taking action toward what I want.

I'm curious, during all those times you've noticed time passing so quickly, where has your attention been focused?

Thank goodness for self-awareness! I've been at the self-love and mindset work awhile and as you can see I am not immune to setbacks and the same human responses as everyone else. But the awareness I've created, and the tickle trunk of tools I have now allow me to get back into the present moment space where I am doing and being the best version of me a lot more quickly.

I've spent the weeks of March looking at the circumstances of no daycare for a couple days one week, a sick child for 5 days the next week, and full, packed busy weekends full of kids and community activities as a hindrance to all that I want to do and create in my business.

It was there I needed the reality check. I was judging myself for not being disciplined enough, staying up late enough, making it happen enough, and then I fell down the rabbit whole of scarcity, lack and feeling sorry for myself. Oh that sneaky ego!

What are the circumstances of your life that you are judging yourself for?
Where are you telling yourself that you aren't measuring up?

It's hard to accept the truth of the matter--that our setbacks and challenging moments are there for us to learn and grow from, and are NECESSARY to our journey. 

Not what you wanted to hear?

Well I'll say it a different way. You are right where you need to be.

No judgement necessary. All that judgement will do will create that endless cycle of "not enough"-ness that will stop you from living the life you really want to be living.

What should you be doing instead to stop the cycle? Use that judgement as your cue--a switch to be flipped. Take whatever negative self-talk or belief that you have directed at yourself, and flip it to the opposite of what you want to be experiencing, believing and feeling. Then THAT is what you focus on. 

Don't focus on the scarcity, the lack, and the limits. Focus on what you want to be experiencing instead.

You will be amazed at what can happen when you simply flip the switch on what you are focusing on. 

You'll start to get somewhere.

So tell me. Where do you want to go?