I'm sorry for the salty language in my title--I couldn't find a more eloquent way to put it (I tried!).

So we've closed out 2017 and it is officially the New Year! I've never really cared about New Years, and been plagued by this idea that I need to set a resolution and to start or stop doing something in order to make it a great year ahead. I used to be the person who fell back into my old habits and disappointment of not being able to hold on to what ever superficial resolution I had decided on.

Where does the New Years resolution even come from? I'm glad you asked! It started way long ago as a promise to God in hopes they would get in good favour with Him.  Whatever the origin, resolutions still don't feel right for me.

What feels WAY better is reflecting on the blessings and lessons that were offered last year, expressing gratitude for them, and then setting an intention of how I want to show up and who I want to be in this New Year.

I'm curious--What was your biggest Blesson (Blessing + Lesson) of 2017?

I'd like to share mine with you, if that's okay. And it's a big one.

My biggest Blesson of 2017 was really, truly accepting and knowing that I didn't love myself, and I hadn't for more than 20 years. I cried a lot of tears at this revelation--partly over the deep sadness I'd carried with me for so long, but mostly of relief that I could finally do something about it. After coming into this awareness, I spent the rest of the year taking action on flipping the switch on how I felt about myself, and showing myself unconditional Self-Love.

This was no accident. I had consistently been hitting blocks and walls in my life, because no matter how much I set the intention to change something--like how I showed up for my family, in my business and in my life--it wouldn't stick. And it was through this frustration that it hit me: How could I express the love, passion and joy to others if I couldn't express it to myself?

I'm still on this journey of unconditional Self-Love, and that is how I've shaped my intention for 2018. I'm going to take courage with me to unapologetically love myself, and take action on all the things in my life that go along with that.

This is including and not limited to having the courage to:

  • Not allow the negative energy and beliefs of others into my life
  • Push through the fear, and continually take action toward what I want
  • Ask for what I want and receive it with gratitude
  • Fail
  • Be uncomfortable--I hope to feel uncomfortable more than comfortable this year, because I know I will be pushing my limits

So if you've taken time to reflect on your biggest Blesson of 2017, what is the intention you can set for next year?

No matter what it is, I hope you give yourself the love and grace to know you are worthy of the best year of your life in 2018. And what's more important than starting or stopping something in the way of a resolution, is setting the intention for how you will show yourself that love.

Send me an email at [email protected] if you want to share your Blessons and Intentions! I would love to hear them and connect with you more. There's a power in saying (typing) them out loud.

Wishing you love, light, peace and blessings for an incredible 2018.