So we're finishing up week 3 of 2018, and I'm still hanging on tight to courage! My most recent courageous move? I stopped preparing special meals for my 6 year old, picky eating son COLD TURKEY!

I take full responsibility for the fact that I created a monster--and it started early. And do you know what the culprit was that got me into this entitled eater mess? Mom Guilt! I was a single Mom, working full-time, and sharing time with my son's Dad, so in the two hours we had together before bedtimes each night, I just wanted to enjoy my time with him and didn't want him to feel bad because Mommy was making him eat something he didn't like.

Maybe you can relate? Have you caved in a decision before that wasn't what you really wanted, just to avoid something?

I finally decided enough was enough--and I had to be courageous enough to make decisions from a place of what I want, and not what I felt bad about or avoiding hurting someone's feelings.

How often do you find yourself reacting to life as it happens to you, and saying "oh great--not that again!"? And then afterward--you beat yourself up for not doing what you really wanted to?

I'll tell ya what won't help you get the things you want---and that is Self-Judgement.

We are so hard on ourselves for not living up to our own expectations---but what if instead of judging yourself, the next time something happens and you start laying into yourself knowing it's not what you wanted, just notice.

Notice that you didn't like it, and that you want something different.

So that's the first thing. Notice.

The second is to not make yourself wrong for feeling the way you do. It will only perpetuate it and keep you stuck. By noticing--you can acknowledge that the person who is feeling that way isn't really you.

So what next? Well after Noticing and Not Making Yourself Wrong, ask yourself some questions:

1) What to I want to be experiencing instead?
2) How would having that desired experience make me feel?

and the most important question:
3) How can I feel like that today? What can I do differently?

To start being an active participant in your life, you have to acknowledge and know that you have a choice. You can choose to experience something different in every undesirable happening.

So how can you start feeling the way you want to feel today?