Where all my Robert Van Winkle fans at? Okay I'm not a die hard Vanilla Ice fan, but he definitely was on to something with that lyric.  He pretty much just simplified personal development in 4 words! 

This week is your week of STOPPING.  In my Facebook Live video yesterday (find it here) I talked about all the demands we have on our time and the responsibilities that make life feel a little overwhelming and stressful. There's so much we feel like we have to get done in a day and week that it feels like there's very little time spent doing what we want to do. So we get to the end of our day and we realize there's been a) no alone/quality time at all or b) no time for actual enjoyment because the things you should be doing are stacking up (like cleaning the kitchen floor that has food all over it from your messy kids).

But what if all it took to be living the life that you really wanted was to just change your perspective?  Change what you focus on and why, by asking some simple questions and answering them truthfully.

When you wake up every single day, who do you want to be? How do you you want to show up in your personal life and at work? How do you want to feel everyday?

If you have trouble answering these questions right away, just keep asking them! The best thing about God--or the Universe, or whatever higher power you believe in--is that He will always give us the answers we are looking for.  

Once you know the answers to these questions, you are ready to stop doing all of the things that don't align with what you really want in your life.  Those things you do out of personal obligation, and all the "have to's, I should's, and need to's" that are born out of your need to please others or give them what you THINK they need. 

What the people in your life need is a person who is making themselves happy and fulfilled first. Put the oxygen mask on. Be joyful and loving to yourself so you can be joyful and loving to others. So you can lead by example and show all those in your life how to live with purpose.

Go on over and check out the Facebook Live from yesterday to dig even deeper on this topic!

If you need to brainstorm and write down some answers to these questions so you can get even more clarity, respond to this email and let me know how you want to feel, show up and who you want to be in your life. I would love to know more about you.

For now---don't forgot this week's theme, that comes from one of the most recognizable songs that you won't get out of your head, at least for today. (Vanilla Ice, Ice Baby...do do do do do do do do....)

Stop---doing what does not serve who you want to be, how you want to show up and want to feel.
Collaborate---with your life and the higher power that is there to give you all that you desire in your life.
and Listen---to yourself, to your intuition, and that voice inside that is telling you what you really want.